“Excellent service and very courteous customer service. Pedro, who worked at my house, went through all the details of his inspection, and recommended installing a Chimney Cap, Repairing / Replacing the Chimney Damper, and Chimney Sweep.  Price offered was very competitive, and I decided to get all three services. He was very careful when working inside the house to avoid dirtying the interior. Performed all the work within 1-1.5 hours. I would definitely use their services in the future, if required, on my other two fireplaces (chimneys).

Additional note: They provide a lifetime warranty on the Stainless Steel Chimney Cap!”

Panduka D.

“Pedro and Ivan came out today and fixed my fireplace damper. Originally I was told by another chimney company that it couldn't be fixed and I needed a $450 replacement. Luckily, that company never got back to me so when Luna showed up I told them I needed the $450 replacement and Pedro said he wanted to look at it first. Long story short - he fixed it for about a quarter of the replacement cost.

Bottom line? These guys are great!”

Dennis R.

“Had a sweep, cap and log set installed today. They did a great job and on time as scheduled. Super clean and friendly service. It was a father and son team that did the work. 

I will definitely be calling them back when it's time to service.”

Tony C.


(714) 913-8654


Fireplace Top Cleaning

Most times we sweep chimneys from the the bottom up. Although, in rare occasions we have to clean from top to bottom. The same result is achieved both ways: a clean tidy chimney!